Arm Candy!

photoImageHere is today’s arm candy! These beautiful bracelets are one of my favorite accessories. I chose a color theme that consists of ivory, turquoise, and a little bit of mint. The accent pearls are beautiful! I like wearing these for more dressy occasions, or just if it goes well with my outfit. These bracelets are from Aquamarini, designed and made by Paméla Kischko. Check out her blog!

The first bracelet is  made out of ribbon, with a sweet water pearl dangling added for interest.

The next three bracelets have Japanese seed pearls, with semi-precious jewels. These are very beautiful and I like to wear them with other jewelry and by themselves.

The last bracelet also has Japanese seed pearls and it is a wrap-type bracelet. I love this one because it’s a stunning turquoise color that brings attention to the hand.

Thank you for reading and please make sure to check out her blog and her other jewlery!


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