Etsy Crochet Earrings

Hi! I recently found these crochet earrings from Etsy and I fell in love! I had to blog about this.   I found these earrings on Etsy, an online marketplace where people handmake just about everything – jewelry, invitations, costumes, etc. It’s a really great website and it’s so fun to see what people can make!

Anyway, back to the earrings, there are crochet which I think is pretty incredible. I can’t even use a sewing machine, and to think someone made this! They come in a variety of colors including pink, turquoise, purple, etc.

I think they are super cute and great for summer. It’s a simple fashion statement that adds a fun twist to your look. The earrings are well made and very light. I have these Forever 21 earrings that are so heavy and it pulls on my ear, I just can’t wear them!

I will definitely be wearing these a lot this summer. Long story short, I think these are just great. I have some photos below showing the detail and colors so check those out.

Check out her Etsy!

Her username is bysiki and she’s located in Moscow (a long way from the USA!)

She has some better quality photos of the earrings on her Etsy site, so I would recommend looking at those! Mine aren’t the best haha.

Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you check out her earrings! 🙂ImageImageImage


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