Lush Bubble Bar Review + Demo

Hey guys! Today I am doing a Lush Bubble Bar Review and a demo. These are very popular along with the bath bombs. My bubble bar was part of the Blooming Beautiful set from Lush, which includes one bath bomb and one bubble bar. It was $13.95, which I consider a pretty reasonable price for some good sized bath products.

ImageThis is what the bubble bar looks like. Mine was in a pale, round shape with a pink flower on top. I cut this in half with a knife so I could crumble it more easily.

ImageI have a demo of what the bubbles looked like on camera and how I used my bubble bar. The link is here if you are interested:

As for the review, I enjoyed it! It created so many bubbles and it was fun. By the way, I used to the whole bar even though I planned to use half. If you have a bigger bath or if you want more bubbles, I would use the whole bar rather than half. I had a hard time trying to break this in half so use a knife if you don’t want it to crumble all over before you put it in the bath.

The aftermath of this bath product is another story. After I drained the water, there was bubbles everywhere so I had to rinse the tub down. I don’t mind, but with some of the other products like the bath bombs, it can leave residue. Here are some photos of the bubbles!

ImageImage(I am crumbling the bubble bar if you are wondering lol).

Thank you for reading! I hope you liked this, and remember to check out my YouTube video for a demo of this bath product. I really love Lush, so definitely check this out! I have a link to my channel up above and you can also look under my contact page for social networking and more.



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