Fourth of July Inspired Nail Art

Hey guys! If you’re living in the USA, you know that Fourth of July is coming up and lots of people are blogging about inspired outfits, makeup ideas, etc! I was recently looking around on Pinterest and found this nail design that was perfect for the Fourth of July! Let’s take a look!ImageFor my thumb, index, and pinkie nail I painted it a plain red color. For my middle finger, I used a gold glitter polish from ELF. For my ring finger, I painted my nail white as a base, then added some blue stripes, and added a red heart with a dotting tool. I messed up on the blue stripes because it was my first time trying this design, but if you practice I’m sure you can make it look perfect! You can also use different colors and add your own creative twist to it. You can try to substitue the blue stripes for some polka dots if you don’t have a striper too!

Thank you for the 40 followers! It has been so much fun blogging and I appreciate all of the support! Remember, once I get 50 followers I’ll be having a giveaway! I hope you enjoyed this quick nail art post and I’m sorry for the terrible photo. My camera takes great photos from far away, but not so great from up close. I’m planning on getting a micro lens so it’ll be easier to photograph. If you try out this nail design, make sure to blog about it and leave a comment below so I can check it out! Thanks again!


2 thoughts on “Fourth of July Inspired Nail Art

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