Benefit Cabana Glama Makeup Kit Review

Hey guys! Today I have a very exciting review for you – the Benefit Cosmetics Cabana Glama Makeup Kit! This kit is perfect for summer and I’m so glad that I ordered this! I hope you enjoy this review!ImageImagePackaging: It is very well thought out and slick. The box is light and good for travel. I love the design on the front of the box – it’s so fun! After you have used up all of the products, you can lift the makeup compartment out and use it as a box for storage! Benefit’s packaging is beautiful and one of my favorite things about them.

Price: This is one of the cheapest makeup kits from Benefit. It is originally $36, but now every beauty retailer that has this kit sells it for $18, including the official Benefit website. This kit must’ve got out of style or something, because nothing else from Benefit has been marked down like this. It’s definitely a beauty steal!

Products: Of course, the products are what make the beauty kit a beauty kit! Cabana Glama includes the famous Hoola bronzer, mini Posietint, three eyeshadows, a makeup sponge, brush, and Some Kind A Gorgeous Medium Foundation. All of these products are fabulous so far and I’m really happy. The one thing I do not like about this is that the kit includes a foundation in a medium shade. I’m most certainly not a medium shade (I am very pale), so I don’t find myself using the foundation. I could perhaps try and use it as a bronzer, but I would definitely prefer if Benefit had some different skin tones to choose from for this kit. Also, the small “holder” thing that holds the mini Posietint is very small for the product. It barely fits, and I always have to lift up the container to push it out. I hope that made sense haha. Here are some swatches below with some reviews on the products.

ImageHere is a swatch of Posietint. It is a light pink color for the cheeks that blends easily. I am not really impressed with this product yet, but I’m still testing it out and seeing what it does. It is a more natural shade, but you can build up the color if you prefer bolder.ImageThe next swatch is Hoola! Sorry for the black mark (eyeliner swatch lol) and I have Posietint above. Hoola is in the middle as you can see. Hoola is the world-famous bronzer that everybody loves, including myself! I usually like bronzer with a hint of shimmer, so I didn’t want to buy the full size product of Hoola, but after trying it out I absolutely love it! If you can’t find the right bronzer, definitely invest in Hoola! You won’t be let down!ImageThese are the swatches for the eyeshadows. The kit includes three shadows: a shimmery pink shade, a neutral brown, and a dark chocolate brown shade. None of these are matte, they all have shimmer! You can create lots of different natural looks with these.ImageThe last swatch is the foundation. It is super creamy and blended easily on my hand. As I said before, I can’t use this because it is way to dark for me, but I will try and make it work! It is a great foundation overall –  it applies very smooth on my hand and I’m assuming it covers up well.

Those were all of the swatches, so to sum up the review, here are some pros and cons.


– cute packaging

– good for travel

– contains good products

– reasonable price


– foundation isn’t the right shade

– Posietint is hard to get out

As you can see, there aren’t many cons about this product! I definitely recommend this for summer and for people who love a good bronzed-look! It is also a perfect kit if you want to try out Hoola but you don’t want to buy it full sized. You’ll get Hoola, and some other great products as well! 🙂

I hoped you liked this review! It is a lot longer than my normal reviews, but I had a lot of fun writing this and I spent a lot of time on it! Hope you enjoyed!


5 thoughts on “Benefit Cabana Glama Makeup Kit Review

  1. I love Benefit’s packaging as well 🙂 it always draws me in! haha the main thing I don’t like about these is that I have my own brushes so I feel like a lot os space is wasted for the brush and applicated where this could be more compact without them. Otherwise I have always wanted to try one of these boxes 🙂 They look adorable!

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