Traveling (part 1)

Hey guys! As of right now, I’m sitting in a lounge at the airport. So far, I’ve had five doughnut holes and found the free wifi. I’m writing this post on my iPad mini and it’s hard to type, so excuse spellers. I’m going to land in Chicago and then my family and I are driving to South Bend.
This morning was hectic! I set my alarm for 3:30 am, only to lay in bed for another half hour. Everyone was rushing and doing last minute packing. At last, the van arrived and picked us up. We drove to the airport, went through security in under five minutes, and hopped right into the lounge. I’m going to board in ten minutes, so I’m trying to finish this up! I don’t want to leave with an uncompleted blog post.
I’ll have more photos when I land and share a more detailed experience. The flight isn’t very long, only five hours, well I guess you could consider that long if you don’t fly often! I’m used to 12-13 hour flights to Germany and it’s pretty long!
Here is a photo below of the plane. I’ll check in a few hours! Have a great day!



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