Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush Review

The Maybelline Bouncy Blushes in my opinion are quite a controversial product! Are they really bouncy? Does it work? In my review, I will share my opinion about these blushes and everything I like and dislike about them! I have the shade 15, in Rose Petal. Let’s get started!ImageImageImage

Packaging: The packaging of the bouncy blush is very light and great for throwing in your makeup bag when you’re in a rush! I have had no problems with the packaging so fa.

Price: $6.99, from Target. This is a pretty reasonable price for a blush, but I’ve seen cheaper.

Product: Maybelline claims that this is a “bouncy” blush, and for the most part, it actually is – well, the first time you touch it. After you start using this blush, it really isn’t that bouncy anymore, and it feels more like a cream blush. Rose Petal isn’t very pigmented. It is a sheer, natural shade. When I apply on my cheeks, it sometimes causes my face to get irritated and it becomes red (told you my face is extremely sensitive!). Because of that, I prefer powder blushes over cream blushes. Here are some swatches below!ImageImageTo sum up, I probably would not repurchase one of these again. It is too diffficult for me to apply and it doesn’t work for me. I wish Maybelline would make another bouncy blush but create a better formula!

Thank you for reading and leave requests below! Have a great day!


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