Meet Jasper the Bun!

Hi guys! Today I have very exciting news to share with you – last Sunday, I got a bunny! We drove an hour and forty minutes to to a rabbbit breeder to get the perfect bun. After looking at other rabbits, we finally found the one! It was a 12 week old otter black Netherland dwarf baby! We decided to name it Jasper and we actually don’t know for sure if it is a boy or a girl…so for now it’s going to be a boy!;)
He is very shy and getting used to his new surroundings. He is slowly adjusting and becoming braver! The breeder told us that Jasper is a showable bunny – and he could win the youth contest! How exciting! That being said, I really would like to go to the rabbit show and see if Jasper can snatch a ribbon or two!:)
And finally…here come the pictures! Embrace the cuteness!






Rabbits are really great pets – if you can take care of them! They are an impulse buy, definitely around Easter, and they are a lot of work! Look at the photo below carefully if you are thinking of getting a rabbit.


Expect to see lots of posts featuring Jasper and thanks for reading!:)
See you later, everybun!


Click here for a recent update of my bunny, Jasper!

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