Chai Tea Latte Frappuccino

Today at Starbucks I decided to try the Chai Tea Latte Frappuccino! It was really good even though it doesn’t have a lot of flavor. I would recommend this drink to people who don’t want a lot of flavor or just want a simple frappuccino. This drink tastes really delicious and I enjoyed it! You can either get it as a latte or a frappuccino – but I always prefer cold drinks over warm, especially in the summer. This drink was about $3.75 for a tall, but I got a dollar off for completing a survey on a receipt so I only paid $2.75! Let me know if you’ve tried this drink and what you thought of it! Are you going to try the Chai Tea Latte Frappuccino before the summer ends? Let me know in the comments below!
Check out these photos too!:)

Chai Tea on left, Cookie Dough Frapuccino on right.
My friend got the cookie dough frappuccino and it is heavenly! Though the recipe is complicated, if you’re looking for a drink to try from the secret menu, get this! You won’t regret it;) I am so glad my friend let me have a taste!




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