Mini Shopping Haul!

Yesterday my close friend and I went to a popular mall and shopped… for six and a half hours. Yes, that long! I was so tired when I came home at 10 PM and immediatly fell asleep, so that’s why I’m uploading today! Even though we shopped a little too long, I only got a few things because I was a bit limited on money haha. I had so much fun so let’s get started with the mini haul!


I only got two things while inside Forever 21, but I’m happy and excited about my purchases! I first saw the cutest bow ring and had to get it. It’s a silver bow and I think it’s adorable! This ring was only $1.80.


Next I bought a pink bow necklace. I actually have matching earrings but they are a different color! I think this is the cutest necklace (ever) and I had to get it. They also had other colors such as black and mint. I think I’ll be getting more of these necklaces because they are only $1.80!


When my friend and I arrived at the mall, we immediatly went inside Brandy Melville and shopped in there for almost two hours! It was fun trying on $60 sweaters that we both couldn’t afford or their overpriced Heather skirts. Speaking of overpriced… Is it just me or is Brandy getting super expensive?! Everything in that store isn’t the best quality, yet they still slap a big price tag on it. I still love Brandy Melville, but I just wish everything wasn’t so expensive in that store!

I bought one thing in Brandy and it is a grey-ish, light brown shorts that are so soft and really cute! These were about $13. I think these could look great in a Brandy crop top or a knit sweater for the fall! And yes, I’m wearing a shirt in the second picture.


Lastly, we went inside Charlotte Russe to take a look at their $10 graphic tee sale. I decided to get this tank top and I totally forgot what the design is called. Peace? Nirvana sign? I’m having a brain fart and I apologize. THis is orginially $14, but thanks to the sale I grabbed it for only $10!

Thank you for reading my mini haul and if you have any requests for blog posts or reviews, let me know in the comments below! Byee!

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