Back to School Target Haul

I’m finally blogging again! Auditions are over and now I have plenty of time for reviews, swatches, you name it!

School is (sadly) coming up again, so I decided to take a trip to Target and grab some school supplies before everything was sold out. I got a bunch of stuff for the new school year and of course some beauty items (I just can’t help myself!)

I have also made the decision to start purchasing cruelty-free cosmetics. You can read all about that if you just click on the page marked cruelty-free beauty above! 🙂

Last, I would like to add that I already had some supplies, so I didn’t need to purchase them again, so that’s why there are some essential things missing (i.e. erasers, lead,  a backpack, etc.)

ImageThe first thing I got were pencils! You need pencils when you’re in school, and sometimes regular pencils get difficult to sharpen and become dull often, so I prefer mechanical! I don’t need to sharpen them and I find them much easier to use. I picked up a 26-pack that was about $3, but I had a coupon so I got them for $2! I love using coupons because you can get great deals – and save money!

Next I picked up some white-out tapes. I find that these always get ruined somehow.

I also got some notecards for Spanish along with a holder for them so they don’t get ruined. I always like to get extra because people always “borrow” mine and I use these notecards up very quickly!ImageI bought some paper and…four binders! That may seem a bit much, but my school gives us lots of homework and papers. These binders will be stuffed quickly! The bottom black binder is just for language, the pink binder is for history and Bible, the small white binder is for Spanish, and the bigger binder is for science and math. Whew!ImageNow onto the exciting part! At my Target, a ton of Milani products were on clearance. It looked like they were trying to get rid of the brand and putting something new in it’s place because all the products were gone and only a handful were on the bottom with a big red price tag. I hope Target will still sell Milani! It’s such a great brand and it’s hard to find good drugstore makeup brands that don’t test on animals. But, I took advantage, and picked up two products for a lower price. I first got a Glitzy Eyez eyeliner in a beautiful glittery, purple color. I have two other Glitzy Eyez eyeliners and I love them! I definitely am going to do a review on them soon. Next I picked up a nice, light bronzy lip gloss. It smells really good and looks natural on the lips. The next item isn’t really a beauty product, but every girl needs it!

I hoped you like this haul and I am excited to be blogging again! Shark Week is starting up – and apparently it has some competetion! Nat Geo is coming out with Shark Fest, airing the same week as Shark Week. I have to admit it, the commercial is pretty amusing! I feel like Shark Week airs old episodes and nothing new, so it’ll be interesting to see what Nat Geo will come up with.

Leave requests below and thanks for reading!