Haul! (Nordstrom Rack, Target, Tilly’s, etc)

Hi guys! Yesterday and today I did a little bit of shopping so I thought I would upload a haul! I have different items from various stores – Target, Marshalls, Nordstrom Rack, and Tilly’s. Let’s get started!:)


First I went inside Nordstrom Rack. I got this cream colored cardigan for $12 and it’s perfect for fall! I’ve always needed a cardigan and I feel like it can go with just about anything – a dress, jeans and top, etc. Nordstrom Rack also carries NYX and other high end makeup brands! They sell Stila, Smashbox, and Urban Decay goodies for half off. I was dying to grab them all!


Next I went inside Marhsallas and picked up a coconut shower cream by The Body Shop. This item was on clearance for only $5.50! This smells SOOO good and I can’t wait to use it! Image

Yesterday I went to Target and Walmart and bought some fun goodies! I first picked up some Conair bobby pins because I was running out and I loose bobby pins…very quickly. LOL. Next I picked up the brand new issue of InStyle – which contains 716 pages! If I may add, the first 60 pages were just ads… so in my opinion, creating a huge issue just meant throwing a ton more ads in the magazine for a little cash. At Walmart, I bought a red lipstick by Wet ‘N Wild. I am so impressed! It was only $2 and it is so pigmented and beautiful. I’m not what the name of this lipstick is because the writing on the sticker was smeared, but I’m sure you can find it at CVS or Walmart. Oh, and I wish Target would carry Wet ‘N Wild! I have a swatch below if you want to check it out!Image

The last thing I got at Walmart was an Alba Hawaiian Conditioner. The shampoo and conditioner are so great and are my favorite hair care products from them. Walmart sells Alba for a really great price, so if you ever get a chance, I definitely recommend it! Image

Lastly, I stopped by Tilly’s and got this super cute flowy shirt! I’m not sure what the pattern is, but it looks great and it has a small criss-crossed back.Image

The picture is a bit blurry, but I’m sure you get the point!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this haul! Leave me requests for reviews or nail art tutorials or anything you wish! 🙂


Bath & Body Works Haul

Hey guys! I recently went to Bath & Body Works and got lots of new products because they are currently having their big semi-annual sale! My location was fully stocked and it was great getting good products for so much less! Unfortunately, I lost the receipt so I couldn’t figure out what some of the prices were with the sale. I even looked online, but they are not carrying half of the products and some of them aren’t even on sale! Aside from that, let’s take a look!

ImageI first got the Lemon Mint Leaf candles, which smell amazing! These are originally $9.50 each, but with the sale one is only about $6.00. The fragrance reminds me of the Lush soap called Sexy Peel. The description says it is an organic cultivation of bright lemon balm and farm fresh green spearmint. This candle is perfect for summer and I’m sure everyone will like it! ImageI also picked up a variety of body products. The first lotion is Fresh Picked Body Lotion in the scent First Bloom. This smells fresh and very flowery. This lotion is less fragnenced than some of the others, considering some have a very strong smell. This is originally $8. The next item I got was a Fresh Picked Hand Cream in the scent Strawberries. This smells exactly like strawberries! It captures the fresh, fruity scent and is very moisturizing. If you love strawberries, this is the hand cream for you! They also have other strawberry scented lotions if you to prefer those. This is originally $5. The last lotion I got was a Coconut Signature Vanilla Body Lotion. This is one of my favorite body lotions at Bath & Body Works! It’s a simple yet yummy scent! Coconut is one of my favorite scents and this lotion really captures it! I recommend this to everyone and you should definitely try it out! This was originally $11, but with the sale it was only $4! ImageThe last item I got was a Bronze Shimmer Fizz Body Mousse. This caught my eye when a sales lady sampled it on my hand, and I immediatly had to get it! When you spray it on your hand, it bubbles up and once you rub it in it feels like pop rocks and it fizzles! It leaves a nice, scented bronze shimmer that I love. This product is so fun to try out and use and I’ve never seen a product like this before! I will be using this a lot this summer! This product is originally $14, but with their sale, I got it for only $3.50! What a deal!

Definitely go to your nearest Bath & Body Works and check out the semi-annual sale because you won’t regret it! I hope you liked this post, and if you have any requests, leave a comment below! Thanks!

Drugstore.com Haul

Hey guys! Today I have a drugstore.com haul. If you aren’t familiar with this website, it’s basically a drugstore online! They always have free shipping over $25 and great deals. This website is also combined with beauty.com, which sells high end brands. Let’s get into the haul!

ImageThis is the favorite thing I ordered! These are the Real Technique Brushes by Samantha Chapman. These are so popular and such great quality for inexpensive brushes! I got the blush brush (pink) and shading brush (purple). The blush brush was $8.99 and the shading brush was $5.99. But that’s not all! I got one of the brushes 50% off! Not only did I get great brushes, I got a great deal too! I got the shading brush for only $3! I am very satisfied and you should definitely try these out. I’ve seen them at Ulta and I’m sure you can purchase them at other places as well.

ImageThe next item I got was a Yes To Cucumbers Natural Sunscreen Stick. I needed some good sunscreen for sensitive skin because the sun is shining more than ever! I really love this line and I enjoyed their makeup remover sheets, so why not try this? It is SPF 30 with water resistance for up to 40 minutes. Also, it kind of smells like cucumbers! When you apply it on your face, it is a white color but after you blend it out it is sheer and you can cover up the shine with powder. This was $8.99.ImageThe last item I got is the Vanicream Suncreen Sport Sunscreen with SPF 35. There are a lot of sunscreens out there, and some are very bad for your skin. Good sunscreen often leaves white residue on your skin and is hard to find, but this isn’t! It’s free of harmful ingredients and really good for you. Vanicream also has a Moisturizing Skin  Cream, which I use everynight before I go to bed. This sunscreen also has water resistance for up to 80 minutes. This is about $10.

I hope you like this haul, and if you have any requests leave a comment below! Remember to follow for a giveaway and thank you for all of your support!