Happy Fourth of July to all of you living in the USA! It is absolutely crazy where I live – there’s fireworks every minute, bikers coming left and right, and there is a ton of tourists! This is just a quick update because tomorrow I’m leaving for vacation and I’m telling you what to expect. 🙂

I’m leaving for Michigan at 4:00 am tomorrow morning. I’ll be staying at many different places – my cousin’s house on the lake, my grandma’s house, hotels, etc. I’m going to be visiting Chicago and maybe even Canada because it’s so close!

I will not have any time to blog, so instead I’ll be posting pictures of my trip. There will be many different photos that you can check out. I’m hoping to find some wifi or a computer so that I can upload! I don’t know when I will start posting the photos, but hopefully soon!
I’m leaving July 5 and returning on July 23 (two weeks). When I return home I will go straight back to beauty blogging! Later in August I’m getting two little Netherland dwarfs so I’ll be blogging about those little cuties too;).

I will be posting quick updates on this blog so you know what is going on and what I’m doing! Feel free to leave any questions in the comments below. I hope you understand! I’m really excited for this vacation!