Traveling OOTD

Today I am finally traveling back to California, so I thought why not upload an outfit of the day while I’m waiting for the plane! Unfortunately, the plane is yet again delayed, so I’m here for awhile at the airport… Let’s get started!



My top is from Forever 21 and I’m wearing a black & pink sports bra under it. It is a summery coral color with a leopard print on it. I feel like Victoria’s Secret PINK would sell something like this! My sweat pants are from Justice. These are black and more jegging-type pants. My shoes are sandals with flower decals from Payless. For my hair I chose to style it in two messy buns – kind of like pig tails, but with buns instead! My carry-on bag is actually a beach bag from Forever 21. It is so cute and it holds everything I need for the plane! Plus, it was only $12! What a deal!
Thanks for reading my travel OOTD. I will start posting beauty entries tomorrow so stay tuned! Have a nice day!

Chicago OOTD

Hey guys! If you read my most recent travel update, you would know that today I took a trip to Chicago! Here is an OOTD of what I wore. Keep in mind that I thought it was going to be really warm, so I dressed in summer clothes and instead of hot weather it was raining.

For my hair, I straightened it (but the rain caused it to frizz) and I pinned back the side with some bobby pins. My black and white tribal shirt is from Forever 21 and I’m wearing a plain black bandeau underneath from Nordstrom. I got my pink shoulder bag from a shop in Spain, but I’m sure you can find something similar to it. My pants are from Kohls and are plain jean shorts. My shoes are mint high top Converse!
That was my Chicago OOTD! I hope you enjoyed!


ImageHey guys! Today a have a Brandy Melville inspired OOTD. Sorry for the bad photo, I was in a rush and I didn’t have time to take out my real camera! 🙂

My top is from Brandy Melville, and it is a crop top with Los Angeles printed on it and a photo of the city. I paired it with a necklace with white pearls and detailed beading in the middle. My hair is in a bun, and you can’t tell, but I’m wearing some small diamond earrings.

My skirt is also from Brandy Melville. It is a Luma skirt, and it is a light blue and I love wearing this with just about anything.

My shoes are sandals from Payless. Because the lighting was dark, you couldn’t see the black mesh-type decoration in the middle of the shoe. I would definitely recommend these shoes because they are affordable and super cute. Check out them out on the Payless website because my description of the shoe is pretty

I’m also wearing some ivory bracelets from Aquamarini (I did an arm candy post about them. Check it out!) and I think they give a nice touch to my outfit.

Thanks for reading!

Forever 21 shirt obsession!

This Forever 21 shirt has me obsessed! It has beautiful lace detailing and it is a see-through ivory color. I’m wearing a white cami under it and some fashionable jewelry. It’s great for dressy occasions or if you just want to look nice! I found this at Forever 21 and it was $12.80. I believe that it is a part of their new collection, so definitely check it out! I love it and it’s so pretty! Image