Jasper the Bunny Update!

Hey guys! I thought I would do an update of my new bunny, Jasper, along with some cute photos!:)
Jasper binkies A LOT and cleans himself more than he should LOL! He’s always grooming! He has only chewed a bit of the baseboard, which is great because Bolt (another bunny I had awhile back) destroyed baseboards whenever he could! Today, a pen we ordered arrived in the mail and it’s working great! We like to set Jasper’s cage outside on the patio and place the pen around it so he can explore a bit! I always have to watch out for cats, though! Jasper loves climbing on my back when I’m laying down and often bunny-flops beside me. What a happy bun! And, as of tomorrow, we’ve decided that Jasper isn’t going to be a baby anymore (he’s about 13 weeks) and he will starting eating some yummy greens and vegetables!
And if you are wondering… We still do not know if Jasper is a boy or a girl yet! *gasp*
I actually think Jasper could be a girl…but frankly I have no clue.
Here are some photos below!<3








Haha, the last photo Jasper is on my back and as you can see I’m rocking some cray makeup LOL! I was bored and decided to play around but before I got to wash it off, I got sidetracked by this lil guy!;)