Target Haul

Hey guys! Today I have a mini Target haul. I was looking for some organization for my room, but they had absolutely nothing! Usually Target has some good organization items, but this time I found nothing! Maybe I’ll have to look online. But aside from that, I have a haul to show you so let’s begin!

Ardell Natural Lashes Starter Kit

I picked up these lashes because I have a dance recital this weekend and I needed a pair. I never put on false lashes and these are my first time actually owning some,so I’m going to try them on later today. Hopefully I won’t fail haha. This comes with LashGrip adhesive, black eyelashes, and an applicator. This was about $6.


Remington Hair Elastics

There is really isn’t a story of why I had to purchase this, I just needed some hair ties just like any other girl! It comes with thirty five hair ties and in four different colors which include white, cream, gold, and dark brown.This was $2.50


Sea Animal To-Go Box

I didn’t know what to call this, but it has sea animals and it’s for the go! I snatched the last two and these are so cute! I got a blue container with turtles and an orange one with some pink squids. You’re probably thinking, what is this girl talking about? Well, let me show you a picture and then your opinion may change haha.ImageImageI thought these were so cute! They come with food dividers too and even though these may be a little young for me, I love them. I’ll be using these a lot when I’m traveling to store some yummy snacks! 🙂 These were $4.99. I could only find the set available online, but maybe you can grab them in stores. The link for the set is here if you are interested:

Thank you for reading and I hoped you like my small haul. This week I’ll be blogging about my recital and what I’ll be wearing on stage. If you have any requests, please leave a comment below! Thanks!

Brandy Melville!


I have to say, Brandy Melville is getting popular! And I love it! Luckily, I have a location nearby me but I’m coming across a problem. They do not ever seem to have this donut shirt in stock! Right when I first saw it, I was completely obsessed and I had to get it. I mean, obviously. It has donuts on it! They have every other new shirt in stores… Except for this one….____.
I suppose there is only one solution – because I don’t plan on spending $100 online for free shipping. I guess I’m just going to have to call the store and ask them to hold on to it if they have it. Hopefully it’s not a ticked off employee who slowly explains you need to come to the store and purchase it and how it’s against store rules to have it kept. Let me know if you’ve done this before because I don’t want this to turn into a problem.
But, either way, I adore Brandy Melville. Cute clothes, reasonably priced, and have you ever noticed how soft their shirts are?!