Father’s Day OOTD

Hey guys! Today is Father’s Day and I wanted to share my simple outfit for this special day. This is a casual and comfortable look and I hope you enjoy!

ImageI twisted two front parts of my hair and secured them with a bow and then sprayed my hair with the famous “Not Your Mother’s” Sea Salt Spray. I’m wearing a purple crop top from Kohls and on my wrist I have a small ivory bracelet. I’m wearing a Luma skirt from Brandy Melville and this is really comfortable and cute! I paired my outfit with some American Eagle peep toe wedges that I bought at Payless. Also, if you noticed… I changed my nails because after just one day almost all of the gems had fallen off. 😦 Oh well. I guess I won’t be doing that again. But, I tried another cutepolish inspired nail look. Take a look!Image

These are nautical nails with a white anchor on the ring finger and a white base with red stripes on the other nails. You should try this out!

I hope you like this OOTD! Have a great Father’s Day!

Nail Art

Hey guys! Last night I tried out some nail art inspired by a cutepolish tutorial. If you don’t know who cutepolish is, she makes nail art tutorials on YouTube and they are fantastic and easy to recreate! My manicure is inspired by the Pearls & Pastels video. I didn’t have the pearls, so I used colored nail gems instead. Take a look!

ImageImageThis manicure is so fun and girly. The only thing that I don’t like about this is that the gems tend to fall off after a day or so, and I have to reapply them often. I put lots of topcoat on but they still seem to fall off after awhile. If you have any tips for this, please tell me! 🙂

I am not great at nail art. I can do a regular manicure perfectly (even on the left side!) but  experimental nail art usually get ruined very quickly. The only nail art that I was able to do that looked nice was little bunnies. Now I can do so much more! You just need the right tools, then it’s really easy from there. I found a nail art brush set for about two dollars on Amazon and it contains stripers, dotting tools, and more! It is really helpful. Often when I do nail art, I only do it on the right because the left will be a disaster. I just paint the left either white or one of the main colors from the right side (I hope that made sense…)

I’m definitely going to share more nail art ideas with you! I hope you enjoyed reading! If you have any requests for reviews, please leave a comment below!