Simple Glitter Nail Art

Today I have another nail art inspired by a post on Pinterest! This is super easy (even for beginners!) and I hope you try this out! It’s a simple pale manicure with some glitter and silver gems for a glamorous touch. Let’s get started!
The original picture from Pinterest is at the bottom of this blog post. Credits to the owner!


First, paint your nails a pale, pink color until opaque. This may take two or three coats! After the polish had dried, take a striper and some gold glitter polish. Create curved lines coming from the top of your nail, ending at the bottom! Mine turned out more straight, so feel free to experiment and make funky, curved glittery lines! Next, apply some silver nail art gems anywhere on the gold glitter line. Place the gem near the top or bottom or even in the middle of the line! Apply a shining top coat and you’re finished!

I think this is a really easy and elegant look and the gems add a glamorous touch! I love this nail art and it’s really pretty ! 🙂

Let me know if you recreate these nails and be sure to share it on your blog!

Aside from the nail art, I haven’t been blogging these past few days and I’m really sorry! I’m planning to upload on the weekends, like Friday and Sunday, when I have time to blog! Another reason I haven’t been blogging as often is because I’m short of things to blog about! Grrr! I know! Please give me some blogging ideas in the comments below!:)

Thanks for reading and Jasper says hi! ❤

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