Simple Glitter Nail Art

Today I have another nail art inspired by a post on Pinterest! This is super easy (even for beginners!) and I hope you try this out! It’s a simple pale manicure with some glitter and silver gems for a glamorous touch. Let’s get started!
The original picture from Pinterest is at the bottom of this blog post. Credits to the owner!


First, paint your nails a pale, pink color until opaque. This may take two or three coats! After the polish had dried, take a striper and some gold glitter polish. Create curved lines coming from the top of your nail, ending at the bottom! Mine turned out more straight, so feel free to experiment and make funky, curved glittery lines! Next, apply some silver nail art gems anywhere on the gold glitter line. Place the gem near the top or bottom or even in the middle of the line! Apply a shining top coat and you’re finished!

I think this is a really easy and elegant look and the gems add a glamorous touch! I love this nail art and it’s really pretty ! 🙂

Let me know if you recreate these nails and be sure to share it on your blog!

Aside from the nail art, I haven’t been blogging these past few days and I’m really sorry! I’m planning to upload on the weekends, like Friday and Sunday, when I have time to blog! Another reason I haven’t been blogging as often is because I’m short of things to blog about! Grrr! I know! Please give me some blogging ideas in the comments below!:)

Thanks for reading and Jasper says hi! ❤

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Floral Nail Art

Yesterday I saw a nail art idea on Pinterest and decided to give it a try! It is super cute and I am very satisfied. Though it took some patience and time, the end product is amazing and so cute! This is probably my favorite nail art that I’ve ever tried. Let’s take a look!


How To Create This Nail Art!

For this design, you will need several different polishes and tools. First, paint your thumb, index, and pinkie nail white. Add two or three coats of the white polish. Take a pink polish and paint it just on your middle finger. Now, take a mint green polish and paint it onto your ring finger. After they all have dried, you can start the designs! I first took a dotting tool and created little dots on all of the white nails. I used a bright pink (almost red) polish that reminds me of candy! These dots are not meant to be perfect either! Once you are finished with those, take the same polish you used on your middle finger and a dotting tool and create little C’s. After that has dried, I took the dotting tool and a very light pink polish and placed that around the pink C’s. Next, I took a nail brush and a light green polish to create the stems. Try not to make them look like dots! For the middle finger, I took a red striper and painted a line straight down, slightly by the left side. Then, create another red stripe going the opposite direction, by the lower part of the nail. For the ring finger, apply some gems (choose any color you like!) and you are finished! If you have any questions, please let me know and I will gladly answer them!
I really love this nail art and I think it’s so cute! I adore the little roses too! I personally think that the nail art I did on my middle finger kind of ruined it, but it still looks great! 🙂

See you next time!

Polka Dot Nail Art

While painting my nails yesterday, I got a little creative and decided to jazz them up a bit by adding some cute polka dots and a small heart. These nails are bound to get you some compliments! Also, I know my pictures aren’t the best so sorry about that! Let’s get started!:)ImageImageImage

I first painted my nails two coats of a dark green. I really love this shade because it’s so pretty! After letting the polish dry, I took a dotting tool and some white polish and began to apply the polka dots carefully on my ring finger. Make sure that the dots aren’t too close together! After you’re finished with the polka dots, take the same dotting tool and start to create a heart on your thumb. Take your time with this! It’s okay if it doesn’t look perfect. After everything has dried, apply a top coat and you are finished!

I like how the white stands out against the green and I will definitely try more polka dot nail art soon! If you have the right tools, this will be very easy nail art!

If you’re wondering, I received my dotting tool in a set with other nail brushes from Amazon. I use the other brushes for touching up my nails or for creating French manicures.

I hope you enjoyed and I’ll see you next time!

Vintage/Color Block Nail Art

Yesterday  I tried some interesting nail art inspired by a pin on Pinterest. I’m not quite sure what it is – vintage? Color block? The pin specified that it was vintage, so let’s just call it vintage for now! It look relatively easy, but it’s harder than it looks! My nail art is definitely far from perfect, but it was a fun design to try!Image

You Will Need:

  • white polish
  • pink polish
  • tape
  • top coat

I first painted my nails with two coats of the white polish. After letting the polish completely dry, I cut some tape and applied it on the top half of the nail, and other strip on the lower half of the nail. Make sure the tape is firmly pressed down so the pink polish won’t accidently run into the white. After you’ve taped your nails, take your pink polish and paint the remaining space of your nail where there isn’t tape. Try not to paint the tape, only the middle section of your nail. (Does this make sense? Lol. If you have any questions, just leave a comment and I will try to answer it.) Slowly remove the tape immediatly after painting the pink shade. Feel free to touch up your nails too. After the polish has dried, finish it up with a top coat!

I like wearing this on my nails!  I do need to get better at it though! Make sure to take your time and wait until the white nail polish is completely dry before applying the tape. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below! If you want me to do any specific nail art, let me know and I will get to it!

Do you think you will be trying these vintage/color block nails?

Fourth of July Inspired Nail Art

Hey guys! If you’re living in the USA, you know that Fourth of July is coming up and lots of people are blogging about inspired outfits, makeup ideas, etc! I was recently looking around on Pinterest and found this nail design that was perfect for the Fourth of July! Let’s take a look!ImageFor my thumb, index, and pinkie nail I painted it a plain red color. For my middle finger, I used a gold glitter polish from ELF. For my ring finger, I painted my nail white as a base, then added some blue stripes, and added a red heart with a dotting tool. I messed up on the blue stripes because it was my first time trying this design, but if you practice I’m sure you can make it look perfect! You can also use different colors and add your own creative twist to it. You can try to substitue the blue stripes for some polka dots if you don’t have a striper too!

Thank you for the 40 followers! It has been so much fun blogging and I appreciate all of the support! Remember, once I get 50 followers I’ll be having a giveaway! I hope you enjoyed this quick nail art post and I’m sorry for the terrible photo. My camera takes great photos from far away, but not so great from up close. I’m planning on getting a micro lens so it’ll be easier to photograph. If you try out this nail design, make sure to blog about it and leave a comment below so I can check it out! Thanks again!

Father’s Day OOTD

Hey guys! Today is Father’s Day and I wanted to share my simple outfit for this special day. This is a casual and comfortable look and I hope you enjoy!

ImageI twisted two front parts of my hair and secured them with a bow and then sprayed my hair with the famous “Not Your Mother’s” Sea Salt Spray. I’m wearing a purple crop top from Kohls and on my wrist I have a small ivory bracelet. I’m wearing a Luma skirt from Brandy Melville and this is really comfortable and cute! I paired my outfit with some American Eagle peep toe wedges that I bought at Payless. Also, if you noticed… I changed my nails because after just one day almost all of the gems had fallen off. 😦 Oh well. I guess I won’t be doing that again. But, I tried another cutepolish inspired nail look. Take a look!Image

These are nautical nails with a white anchor on the ring finger and a white base with red stripes on the other nails. You should try this out!

I hope you like this OOTD! Have a great Father’s Day!

Nail Art

Hey guys! Last night I tried out some nail art inspired by a cutepolish tutorial. If you don’t know who cutepolish is, she makes nail art tutorials on YouTube and they are fantastic and easy to recreate! My manicure is inspired by the Pearls & Pastels video. I didn’t have the pearls, so I used colored nail gems instead. Take a look!

ImageImageThis manicure is so fun and girly. The only thing that I don’t like about this is that the gems tend to fall off after a day or so, and I have to reapply them often. I put lots of topcoat on but they still seem to fall off after awhile. If you have any tips for this, please tell me! 🙂

I am not great at nail art. I can do a regular manicure perfectly (even on the left side!) but  experimental nail art usually get ruined very quickly. The only nail art that I was able to do that looked nice was little bunnies. Now I can do so much more! You just need the right tools, then it’s really easy from there. I found a nail art brush set for about two dollars on Amazon and it contains stripers, dotting tools, and more! It is really helpful. Often when I do nail art, I only do it on the right because the left will be a disaster. I just paint the left either white or one of the main colors from the right side (I hope that made sense…)

I’m definitely going to share more nail art ideas with you! I hope you enjoyed reading! If you have any requests for reviews, please leave a comment below!