Traveling (part 6)

Today I left my uncle’s house and drove up to Traverse City. The drive was about six or seven hours – very long and boring! The weather was nuts. One minute it was clear skies and the next was pouring rain! Oh Michigan. The rain was super loud and so bad that we could barely see the road in front of us! We stopped at Subway for lunch in a small, cute town and then continued driving. Our hotel was not what I was expecting! I am very impressed. It has cookies and juice in the lobby (always a plus), an indoor pool with jacuzzi, and… A hot tub in our hotel room! OMG! This is definitely a first. I can’t wait to try it and I still can’t believe it. Our room has a beautiful view of Lake Michigan too! You can also rent jet-skies on the lake. I hope I get a chance to try that. I’m here for four days, who knows what might happen?!
Here are some random







Traveling (part 4)

Hey guys! Today was yet again an action-packed day. This morning we went to mass in honor of my grandfather and grabbed some doughnuts after service. Today was super humid and hot! We took some time and went tubing again. We went really fast and my arms are so sore haha! I had a quick lunch and then fished for a few hours. I caught four fish – one small, two medium, one big! The big bass was huge! Puck, the little black dog, was SUPER excited and was shaking. He actually fell into the lake! Oh Puck.
Later I went to the grocery store and after stopped by Starbucks to get a drink from their secret menu. I got the Oreo frap! It was so delicious and tasted just like Oreos. Try it out if you are ever at Starbucks!
Tomorrow I’ll be going on a train to Chicago on a shopping trip. That will be fun to blog about!
Here are some fun pictures below if you are interested!





Traveling (part 3)

Hey guys! Yet again here is another update with some pictures. I was so tired this morning! Jet-lag definitely has been doing it’s job. After breakfast, we took a ride on the speed boat to go tubing! I went a few times but the gas began to run out so we went back to the house. A few hours later we filled the boat up with gas and did some real tubing! The first time was a little nerve wracking, but after it got super fun! Everyone was screaming and having a blast. We had a delicious lunch once we came back and we’re planning to do it again. Tubing is super fun and if you ever get the chance, definitely try it out because you won’t regret it! This evening we are having a barbecue too.
A little spoiler: on Monday, I am going on a shopping trip to Chicago! I’m going to take lots of pictures of the city and do a separate blog post of a haul.
Here are some pictures below!