What to Expect at a Brandy Melville Sale

I’m back! Today I have an informative blog post about Brandy Melville sales. I went to a Brandy sale today and it was quite the experience. If they are having a sale soon in your area, you may want to consider reading this before making plans. I will post a separate haul tomorrow if you are interested! Let’s get started.

First. How do you find out about a Brandy Melville sale?

Check their Twitter and Facebook! Brandy will start tweeting about a sale usually a week before. Details follow on Facebook a few days later.

Second. Where is a Brandy sale?

This is a popular question. A lot of people automatically think that Brandy sales are actually inside a Brandy store… but that’s not true. They are usually held at colleges. If you’re planning to go, create some directions to the location before hand so you don’t get confused or lost.

Third. How early should I arrive?

Early. Arrive as early as you can. If the sale starts at 10, get there at around 3 or 4 am. You will probably be at the front of the line! Alright, now here’s a little story about what happened at the sale today. Brandy Melville specifically said on Twitter AND Facebook that if you line up before 6 am, you will be escorted off the college. So instead of coming at 4 am, my friend and I came at 5:45 and was surprised by a huge line (over 200 people). We were the fifth group to go inside and we waited for about eight hours. They tell not to line up before 6 and when we come at 6 there’s already a million people in line?! NOT OKAY! If you’re going to a Brandy sale and they tweet something similar like that – don’t worry about it. Come as early as you want to because you won’t be “escorted” off the property. If you’re not an early bird, that’s kind of a problem. If you come too late (like 7 or 8), you’ll be near the back of the line and you may not even get to buy anything because everything might be sold out.

Four. What should I bring?

I brought several different things to the sale. I brought a little synch bag and in the big pocket I packed a blanket and a towel to sit on. If you go early in the morning, it will be cold so it’s a good idea to bring a blanket. It is also a good idea to bring a towel to sit on because you definitely won’t be standing the whole time and it’s better than sitting on cement or grass. In the front pocket I packed my wallet, headphones, snacks, iPad, phone, and gum. I should have brought a water bottle too now that I think about it! Headphones are also a must because you’ll be waiting in line for hours and it’ll kill time. Make sure to keep your things safe so nothing gets stolen!

Five. Any extra tips?

There’s a lot of extra tips! If you’re thinking about cutting  in line, think again! Employees hand out colored wristbands an hour before the sale begins to ensure that no one cuts the line. So if you’re saving a spot for a friend in line, make sure they get that wristband! Next, when shopping, the merchandise is all inside big boxes. Get ready to dig! You never know what kind of treasures you’ll find at the bottom of those boxes. But, look carefully before you buy anything. Most of the clothes were misprinted, have huge holes, are fading, or the zipper was broken. I found this amazing top but as I looked more carefully, there was a huge hole in the side. Do they really think we are going to buy clothes with HUGE holes in them? No. We are not. Another way to find good merchandise is looking in people’s “no” piles. Employees give you trash bags and you stuff everything you find in the bags, and later you find a spot and sort the clothes. If you don’t want it, make a no pile. You can find all sorts of things inside no piles, so look carefully! By the end of the sale, clothes are all over the floor and there are empty boxes everywhere. Talking about damaged merchandise again, almost everything was had a hole or was stained. You can find this perfectly good crop top but then it has a big blue stain in the back. It’s really unfair and stupid that Brandy brings a ton of damaged merchandise to the sale.


Now let’s talk about pricing. Bracelets, graphic tops and shirts were $5. Dresses and skirts were $10, and flannels, sweaters, and pants were $15. Almost everything at the sale was graphic tops. There was no sweaters and very few skirts. There was a good amount of flannels but the sizing was hugeThey carried a lot of purple floral dresses and some black dresses. I was really disappointed when I didn’t see any sweaters! 😦 Also, in one big box there was just bralettes which looked like they could fit an 8-year-old. Whaaaa??? I noticed that people who were first in line got really good stuff – so arrive as early as possible!


Pictures? Of course I had to take pictures! Take a look at the craziness below.



Waiting in line at 5:30 am. A ton of people were already at the college!

A few hours later, we were closer the the front of the line! The line kept getting bigger and bigger. There was so many people!

People sorting through clothes and boxes.

Clothes were on the floor everywhere. It was crazy.

This was taken around the end of the sale where a lot of the good merchandise was already bought. You can see some empty boxes too.


This last photo was taken at the end of the sale when I left. As you can see, it’s cray.

If you want to see more photos of the sale, head over to Instagram and look under the hashtag brandysale. 🙂

To conclude, the sale wasn’t worth it, but then again it was.  I bought four things, at full price would’ve cost over $90, but I paid only $25. I’ll be uploading a haul tomorrow so stay tuned!
If you have any questions about the Brandy Melville sale, feel free to ask in the comments below! And if you’ve ever been to one of these sales, tell me your experience!:) Brandy sales may be different for everyone, but this is what I experienced at the sale I went to.

Thanks for reading!

Mini Shopping Haul!

Yesterday my close friend and I went to a popular mall and shopped… for six and a half hours. Yes, that long! I was so tired when I came home at 10 PM and immediatly fell asleep, so that’s why I’m uploading today! Even though we shopped a little too long, I only got a few things because I was a bit limited on money haha. I had so much fun so let’s get started with the mini haul!


I only got two things while inside Forever 21, but I’m happy and excited about my purchases! I first saw the cutest bow ring and had to get it. It’s a silver bow and I think it’s adorable! This ring was only $1.80.


Next I bought a pink bow necklace. I actually have matching earrings but they are a different color! I think this is the cutest necklace (ever) and I had to get it. They also had other colors such as black and mint. I think I’ll be getting more of these necklaces because they are only $1.80!


When my friend and I arrived at the mall, we immediatly went inside Brandy Melville and shopped in there for almost two hours! It was fun trying on $60 sweaters that we both couldn’t afford or their overpriced Heather skirts. Speaking of overpriced… Is it just me or is Brandy getting super expensive?! Everything in that store isn’t the best quality, yet they still slap a big price tag on it. I still love Brandy Melville, but I just wish everything wasn’t so expensive in that store!

I bought one thing in Brandy and it is a grey-ish, light brown shorts that are so soft and really cute! These were about $13. I think these could look great in a Brandy crop top or a knit sweater for the fall! And yes, I’m wearing a shirt in the second picture.


Lastly, we went inside Charlotte Russe to take a look at their $10 graphic tee sale. I decided to get this tank top and I totally forgot what the design is called. Peace? Nirvana sign? I’m having a brain fart and I apologize. THis is orginially $14, but thanks to the sale I grabbed it for only $10!

Thank you for reading my mini haul and if you have any requests for blog posts or reviews, let me know in the comments below! Byee!


ImageHey guys! Today a have a Brandy Melville inspired OOTD. Sorry for the bad photo, I was in a rush and I didn’t have time to take out my real camera! 🙂

My top is from Brandy Melville, and it is a crop top with Los Angeles printed on it and a photo of the city. I paired it with a necklace with white pearls and detailed beading in the middle. My hair is in a bun, and you can’t tell, but I’m wearing some small diamond earrings.

My skirt is also from Brandy Melville. It is a Luma skirt, and it is a light blue and I love wearing this with just about anything.

My shoes are sandals from Payless. Because the lighting was dark, you couldn’t see the black mesh-type decoration in the middle of the shoe. I would definitely recommend these shoes because they are affordable and super cute. Check out them out on the Payless website because my description of the shoe is pretty horrible..lol.

I’m also wearing some ivory bracelets from Aquamarini (I did an arm candy post about them. Check it out!) and I think they give a nice touch to my outfit.

Thanks for reading!

Brandy Melville!


I have to say, Brandy Melville is getting popular! And I love it! Luckily, I have a location nearby me but I’m coming across a problem. They do not ever seem to have this donut shirt in stock! Right when I first saw it, I was completely obsessed and I had to get it. I mean, obviously. It has donuts on it! They have every other new shirt in stores… Except for this one….____.
I suppose there is only one solution – because I don’t plan on spending $100 online for free shipping. I guess I’m just going to have to call the store and ask them to hold on to it if they have it. Hopefully it’s not a ticked off employee who slowly explains you need to come to the store and purchase it and how it’s against store rules to have it kept. Let me know if you’ve done this before because I don’t want this to turn into a problem.
But, either way, I adore Brandy Melville. Cute clothes, reasonably priced, and have you ever noticed how soft their shirts are?!