Blog Update!

Hey guys! Wow, it’s been so long. I know I haven’t blogged in forever. My excuse sounds sterotypical and stupid, but honestly it is the truth! I am just so busy. I have zero time to blog, and with the few hours I have on weekends, I’m just too tired and exhausted from the week. So I’ve decided I’m going to officially start blogging again (full time!) when summer comes around. There will be no school for me and I have lots of time to blog and dance.

But I have some exciting news! I got chosen for another VoxBox from Influenster a few weeks ago and it just came in the mail. I’m going to be reviewing the box and uploading it onto my blog this week. I don’t want to make a sucky blog post with very few pictures and swatches so I’m putting some effort into it haha!

Also, I’m thinking of turning this blog into a beauty and dance account. I could blog about dance advice or questions people may have, and it gives me more topics to blog about! So during the summer if you see this blog drastically change into a dance and beauty blog… that is why! I know you guys won’t mind and it would be cool to see non-dancers get a look inside my everyday world.

Thank you for being patient and thanks so much for reading!

See you soon!


What to Expect at a Brandy Melville Sale

I’m back! Today I have an informative blog post about Brandy Melville sales. I went to a Brandy sale today and it was quite the experience. If they are having a sale soon in your area, you may want to consider reading this before making plans. I will post a separate haul tomorrow if you are interested! Let’s get started.

First. How do you find out about a Brandy Melville sale?

Check their Twitter and Facebook! Brandy will start tweeting about a sale usually a week before. Details follow on Facebook a few days later.

Second. Where is a Brandy sale?

This is a popular question. A lot of people automatically think that Brandy sales are actually inside a Brandy store… but that’s not true. They are usually held at colleges. If you’re planning to go, create some directions to the location before hand so you don’t get confused or lost.

Third. How early should I arrive?

Early. Arrive as early as you can. If the sale starts at 10, get there at around 3 or 4 am. You will probably be at the front of the line! Alright, now here’s a little story about what happened at the sale today. Brandy Melville specifically said on Twitter AND Facebook that if you line up before 6 am, you will be escorted off the college. So instead of coming at 4 am, my friend and I came at 5:45 and was surprised by a huge line (over 200 people). We were the fifth group to go inside and we waited for about eight hours. They tell not to line up before 6 and when we come at 6 there’s already a million people in line?! NOT OKAY! If you’re going to a Brandy sale and they tweet something similar like that – don’t worry about it. Come as early as you want to because you won’t be “escorted” off the property. If you’re not an early bird, that’s kind of a problem. If you come too late (like 7 or 8), you’ll be near the back of the line and you may not even get to buy anything because everything might be sold out.

Four. What should I bring?

I brought several different things to the sale. I brought a little synch bag and in the big pocket I packed a blanket and a towel to sit on. If you go early in the morning, it will be cold so it’s a good idea to bring a blanket. It is also a good idea to bring a towel to sit on because you definitely won’t be standing the whole time and it’s better than sitting on cement or grass. In the front pocket I packed my wallet, headphones, snacks, iPad, phone, and gum. I should have brought a water bottle too now that I think about it! Headphones are also a must because you’ll be waiting in line for hours and it’ll kill time. Make sure to keep your things safe so nothing gets stolen!

Five. Any extra tips?

There’s a lot of extra tips! If you’re thinking about cutting  in line, think again! Employees hand out colored wristbands an hour before the sale begins to ensure that no one cuts the line. So if you’re saving a spot for a friend in line, make sure they get that wristband! Next, when shopping, the merchandise is all inside big boxes. Get ready to dig! You never know what kind of treasures you’ll find at the bottom of those boxes. But, look carefully before you buy anything. Most of the clothes were misprinted, have huge holes, are fading, or the zipper was broken. I found this amazing top but as I looked more carefully, there was a huge hole in the side. Do they really think we are going to buy clothes with HUGE holes in them? No. We are not. Another way to find good merchandise is looking in people’s “no” piles. Employees give you trash bags and you stuff everything you find in the bags, and later you find a spot and sort the clothes. If you don’t want it, make a no pile. You can find all sorts of things inside no piles, so look carefully! By the end of the sale, clothes are all over the floor and there are empty boxes everywhere. Talking about damaged merchandise again, almost everything was had a hole or was stained. You can find this perfectly good crop top but then it has a big blue stain in the back. It’s really unfair and stupid that Brandy brings a ton of damaged merchandise to the sale.


Now let’s talk about pricing. Bracelets, graphic tops and shirts were $5. Dresses and skirts were $10, and flannels, sweaters, and pants were $15. Almost everything at the sale was graphic tops. There was no sweaters and very few skirts. There was a good amount of flannels but the sizing was hugeThey carried a lot of purple floral dresses and some black dresses. I was really disappointed when I didn’t see any sweaters! 😦 Also, in one big box there was just bralettes which looked like they could fit an 8-year-old. Whaaaa??? I noticed that people who were first in line got really good stuff – so arrive as early as possible!


Pictures? Of course I had to take pictures! Take a look at the craziness below.



Waiting in line at 5:30 am. A ton of people were already at the college!

A few hours later, we were closer the the front of the line! The line kept getting bigger and bigger. There was so many people!

People sorting through clothes and boxes.

Clothes were on the floor everywhere. It was crazy.

This was taken around the end of the sale where a lot of the good merchandise was already bought. You can see some empty boxes too.


This last photo was taken at the end of the sale when I left. As you can see, it’s cray.

If you want to see more photos of the sale, head over to Instagram and look under the hashtag brandysale. 🙂

To conclude, the sale wasn’t worth it, but then again it was.  I bought four things, at full price would’ve cost over $90, but I paid only $25. I’ll be uploading a haul tomorrow so stay tuned!
If you have any questions about the Brandy Melville sale, feel free to ask in the comments below! And if you’ve ever been to one of these sales, tell me your experience!:) Brandy sales may be different for everyone, but this is what I experienced at the sale I went to.

Thanks for reading!

Jasper the Bunny Update!

Hey guys! I thought I would do an update of my new bunny, Jasper, along with some cute photos!:)
Jasper binkies A LOT and cleans himself more than he should LOL! He’s always grooming! He has only chewed a bit of the baseboard, which is great because Bolt (another bunny I had awhile back) destroyed baseboards whenever he could! Today, a pen we ordered arrived in the mail and it’s working great! We like to set Jasper’s cage outside on the patio and place the pen around it so he can explore a bit! I always have to watch out for cats, though! Jasper loves climbing on my back when I’m laying down and often bunny-flops beside me. What a happy bun! And, as of tomorrow, we’ve decided that Jasper isn’t going to be a baby anymore (he’s about 13 weeks) and he will starting eating some yummy greens and vegetables!
And if you are wondering… We still do not know if Jasper is a boy or a girl yet! *gasp*
I actually think Jasper could be a girl…but frankly I have no clue.
Here are some photos below!<3








Haha, the last photo Jasper is on my back and as you can see I’m rocking some cray makeup LOL! I was bored and decided to play around but before I got to wash it off, I got sidetracked by this lil guy!;)

Liebster Award!


Hi guys! I have been nominated for the Liebster Award (eeep!) I want to thank Out of Dress Code and Trendy Belle Blog for the nominations! I both love their blogs and definitely check them out! The Liebster Award is given to blogs with 200 or less followers awarding them for their hard work and determination! Liebster is a German word, and German myself, it means love! How sweet!:)

The Rules: 


  1.  Each nominee must link back the person who nominated them.
  2.  Answer the 10 questions which are given to you by the nominator.
  3.  Nominate 10 other bloggers for this award who have less than 200 followers.
  4.  Create 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
  5. Let the nominees know that they have been nominated by going to their blog and notifying them


I didn’t know whose questions to choose, so I mixed in both of their questions! Let’s get started!

Q: Are you for or against UGG boots?

A: I actually have never owned a pair of UGG boots before! It doesn’t get that cold in SoCal, but I think that they are super comfy! So, I suppose I’m for UGG boots!


Q: If you could trade places with any person in the world for just one day, who would it be?

A: Hmm… I have to think about this one! Perhaps Jennifer Lawrence? I would love to see how it’s like to be a big movie star! One another person would be Kylie Jenner. I would like to see how their life-style is and be a part of the show and how it really behind the cameras. LOL, I’m not sure! 🙂


Q: If you could write a book, what genre would it be?

A: Definitely mystery! I used to write mystery novels when I was little featuring Nancy Drew!


Q: What is your dream job?

A: I’ve had so many dream jobs over the past years haha! I first wanted to be an actress, then an FBI agent, police officer, makeup artist, you name it! But, as of right now, I think I want to become a dance teacher! Becoming a professional dancer requires so much work and it is really hard too, so I think becoming a dance teacher is perfect! 🙂


Q: Would you rather your hair in a bun/ponytail or down?

A: Well, if I’m at dance or just having a lazy day, my hair would definitely be in a bun! Buns are so easy to do and it keeps your hair out of your face. I like having my hair down but only when it’s straightened because my hair is so frizzy and curly! So I guess I like the best of both worlds haha.


Q: If you got to plan your dream vacation, where would you go?

A: I would definitely want to travel to New York City and visit Times Square and do a little shopping. Okay, let’s face it. A lot of shopping. Next I would travel to Greece because it is so beautiful there! The water is warm and clear and it’s amazing.


Q: What is your go to nail polish color?

A: Honestly, I have no idea. Every week I change up my nails and every week it’s a different color. I suppose I could say pink because I have a ton of pink polishes!


Q: What is your favorite song at the moment?

A: Right now I’m currently jamming to Selena Gomez’s new album! I surprisingly really like it and I love the whole album. But, I’ll always love listening to Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Ray!


Q: What is your favorite magazine?

A: My favorite magazine would have to be Teen Vogue! They have really great fashion tips and ideas and I always enjoy reading it! It’s actually the only fashion/beauty magazine I really read and I recommend trying out an issue.


Q: If you could have a shopping spree at any store, where would you go?

A: This is probably the toughest question! I would have to say either Brandy Melville or Tilly’s. Brandy Melville carries SUPER cute clothes and it’s one of my favorite stores ever. They are one of the only stores that carries clothes that actually fit me! My second choice would be Tilly’s. Once again, it is a store that carries really cute clothes that actually fit me! I’m not so fond of Forever 21 anymore because even though they have reasonably cute clothes, it never fits me and even if it does it’ll be over sized. Plus, I think Forever 21 is kind of going “out” because it seems like Brandy Melville is taking over. I’m okay with that!;)


The Nominees!

1. Uhapi Beauty

2. Nazisstash

3.  Broke For Beauty

4. Secret Life of an Honors Student

5. milanibabe02 blog

6. Sweets and Styles

7. kateskabin

8. Notorious Beauty Blog

9. Nail Polish Galore

10. Polished Me 


My questions for the nominees! 

1. What is your most embarassing makeup moment?

2. If you had one wish, what would you wish for?

3. What is your favorite store to shop at?

4. What is your favorite nail art design you’ve tried?

5. What is one thing you want to do on your bucket list?

6. What was your very first blog post?

7. What is your favorite sport?

8. If you could star in a movie with a celebrity of your choice, who would it be?

9. What has been the best part about blogging?

10. Do you prefer WordPress or Blogger? 😉


Congrats on the nomination! I’m really excited to see your answers! ❤


Meet Jasper the Bun!

Hi guys! Today I have very exciting news to share with you – last Sunday, I got a bunny! We drove an hour and forty minutes to to a rabbbit breeder to get the perfect bun. After looking at other rabbits, we finally found the one! It was a 12 week old otter black Netherland dwarf baby! We decided to name it Jasper and we actually don’t know for sure if it is a boy or a girl…so for now it’s going to be a boy!;)
He is very shy and getting used to his new surroundings. He is slowly adjusting and becoming braver! The breeder told us that Jasper is a showable bunny – and he could win the youth contest! How exciting! That being said, I really would like to go to the rabbit show and see if Jasper can snatch a ribbon or two!:)
And finally…here come the pictures! Embrace the cuteness!






Rabbits are really great pets – if you can take care of them! They are an impulse buy, definitely around Easter, and they are a lot of work! Look at the photo below carefully if you are thinking of getting a rabbit.


Expect to see lots of posts featuring Jasper and thanks for reading!:)
See you later, everybun!


Click here for a recent update of my bunny, Jasper!


I am so sorry I haven’t been blogging these past few days! This week I am attending a summer intensive for dance and preparing for auditions Friday, so I have literally no time to blog! I will start blogging again hopefully this Sunday or starting next week. Thanks!

Vans 2013 US Open Pictures & More

Today my close friend and fellow blogger (milanibabe02) and I decided to take a trip to the US Open of Surfing and see what all the hype was about! If you don’t know what the US Open is, it is a week-long surf tournament held in Huntington Beach, California. It attracts people from all over and there also is concerts held too. In my opinion, it is very overrated. There just isn’t much to do! There are hundreds of thousands of people everywhere! It is most busiest on the weekends – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. There are also some booths that sell a variety of things – tshirts, clothes, jewelry, etc. I found this really cute mint bracelet –  but it was $12…the bracelet was definitely not worth $12 and I had a feeling it was really overpriced. We also looked inside the Vans store that was also there. A US Open t-shirt was $18! I bet in a few weeks it’ll be down to at least $10 – or less! I would rather wait and see than pay a ridiculous price for a shirt that it worth just about nothing. Speaking of ridiculous prices, there was this really cute Vans tank that I really liked! The only problem? $35 for a flimsy piece of fabric with a logo. Are they ever going to notice that teens don’t really have that much money to buy such things? Sure, it was cute, but it wasn’t affordable. We left before Modest Mouse played, but too bad it wasn’t Daft Punk, though I would’ve never gotten close to the stage haha!

After looking around a bit, we decided to try and get a look at the concert stage to see Matt Costa singing. Like I said before…so.many.people. At one point someone was throwing a bag of sand in the air – not to mention the over used use of the f-word haha. I didn’t get to see anything, but it was cool being able to hear his voice.

After a couple hours or so, we were kind of done because there just wasn’t anything to do anymore. Yes, it was fun taking a look and seeing how it is, but you can only do so much. We stopped by 7/11 and grabbed a slurpee. Walking back, there was absolutely no parking anywhere! People were parked as far up as Adams, right by Target (if you know the area).

When my friend was being dropped off, we saw someone rear-end a car and drive off (exciting, right?) and also saw a bunch of cops around a car with multiple open beer cans on the roof. Also a quick tip: never drive downtown! Always take the longer way, becacuse there is so much traffic and too many people near there.

Unless you follow the skateboarding and surfing contests, there are things to buy and booths to look at. But overall, for somebody who lives the surf vibe year round, it is a lot less exciting. It is worth checking out if you are from out of town, but be prepared for intense crowds, tiny bikinis, lots of tatoos, and interesting body paint.

However, I did have an interesting time and of course, I got some photos to share with you!

ImageView from the pier and the crowds!

Image2013 Vans US Open of Surfing

ImageLooking at one of the boothes that sold the bracelets I mentioned.ImageView of the stage where Matt Costa was singing.

ImageWalking downtown.

Thank you for reading and if you have ever been to the US Open before, tell me your experience below in the comments! And, a thank you to milanibabe02 for coming with me! Click here to check out her blog! I hope you enjoyed and have a great weekend!


Happy Fourth of July to all of you living in the USA! It is absolutely crazy where I live – there’s fireworks every minute, bikers coming left and right, and there is a ton of tourists! This is just a quick update because tomorrow I’m leaving for vacation and I’m telling you what to expect. 🙂

I’m leaving for Michigan at 4:00 am tomorrow morning. I’ll be staying at many different places – my cousin’s house on the lake, my grandma’s house, hotels, etc. I’m going to be visiting Chicago and maybe even Canada because it’s so close!

I will not have any time to blog, so instead I’ll be posting pictures of my trip. There will be many different photos that you can check out. I’m hoping to find some wifi or a computer so that I can upload! I don’t know when I will start posting the photos, but hopefully soon!
I’m leaving July 5 and returning on July 23 (two weeks). When I return home I will go straight back to beauty blogging! Later in August I’m getting two little Netherland dwarfs so I’ll be blogging about those little cuties too;).

I will be posting quick updates on this blog so you know what is going on and what I’m doing! Feel free to leave any questions in the comments below. I hope you understand! I’m really excited for this vacation!

DIY Room Decoration

Hey guys! Today I’m sharing with you a popular DIY room decoration – collages! But, mine is going to have a little spin on it! I hope you enjoy! Also, these are not great photos because I took them at night. Sorry about that!

ImageImageI’m pretty sure everyone knows how to make a collage. Find a magazine, cut out the things you like, and glue them on a piece of paper. Well, I’m that type of person who likes to keep their magazines and I will read older issues. I rarely cut out things from magazines, but I found an alternitive. I recieve weekly ads from Ulta, and that is where I get all my ideas for my collages! They have photos of new products and I used one magazine to create the collage above. I also receive InStyle magazine every month and that’s what I use often too. I find that InStyle does absolutely nothing to help me with fashion or beauty. It is filled with ads! Everything they feature is unaffordable for me. For example, a weekly budget of $1,000 for fashion? How about no. But I’m not here to rant about how I don’t like InStyle. So if I don’t read that magazine and don’t even like it, why don’t I just use their colorful ads and huge makeup photos for collages!? (If you’re wondering why I’m subscribed to InStyle, I get the magazine for free.) For example, I used this MAC advertisement for room decor and put it in a frame. It looks great!

ImageThe ad was so interesting I couldn’t help but put it somewhere in my room! Frames are also easy to find. You can go to Target or visit Aaron Brothers or even Walmart!
I hope you liked this little DIY post and I hope you get some ideas and inspiration from this! Thanks for reading! Leave requests in the comments below!

Welcome to my blog❤

❤Hello Everyone!❤

Welcome to my blog. I have always wanted to start a blog, but I never got the chance so I guess here it is! I will be posting reviews, hauls, and other beauty related things. I’ll also be sharing some of my favorite music and share pictures of places I’ve been! This is mainly a beauty blog, but as you can see I’ll be posted some random fun things like I just mentioned. Feel free to leave requests in the comments below! Also, check out my disclaimers.
Anyway, a little bit about me, my name is Sofia! I love to dance and I have a Netherland dwarf bunny. Shopping is one of my favorite things and I really enjoy it like a lot of other girls! 🙂 I hope you enjoy my blog. Please share with your friends and follow! Check out my links below!

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Thanks, and visit again soon!